Studland Beach, January 2003


One of our favourite rides is along Studland Beach. There are 3 miles of sand that can be ridden along from Knoll Beach back to the chain ferry. You need permits to ride on the beach and these are available from the National Trust at Studland. There is a very nice Cafe and Visitors centre run by the National Trust at the Knoll Beach car park.

This photo from shows the beach. The starting point is at the bottom of the photo and the turnroud point at the top.


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On this ride Angie rode Ţrá. Colin rode Fló, Cherrie rode Nott, I rode Árdis, and Hilke rode Rák.  We only rode the beach this time but in the summer often ride on the local heathland and hills as well.

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Árdis decided to lay down in the stream!

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