Flo from Dareag Dair, Born 1991 


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Flo was bred in Ireland and spent a couple of seasons with Gabi Kennedy on her long distance trecks before Gabi decided to change tack on her business and stop doing riding holidays. Oakfield Farm bought 3 horses from Gabi in June 2000 and brought them back to England to sell.

Flo is a very special horse and has taught her human, Colin, a lot since he bought her in July 2000. Colin got into horses by accident and was lucky enough to meet Icelandics as his first horses. He was in Iceland at the time on holiday and had intended to go Whale watching but it was cancelled due to poor weather. He tried horse riding instead and enjoyed it a lot. After he got home he started looking up Icelandic Horses on the Internet and ended up meeting the Oakfield Gang. From occasional visits it turned into buying a horse and moving house in order to live near Oakfield Farm and keep Flo with us for several years.

Colin has now given in fully to the Icelandic Bug and bought Flo's daughter Flikka who we recently discovered was for sale in Ireland.


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