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Oakfield  Icelandic Horses Legacy Web Site

This is the legacy site. The current web site is here


I am starting to put together a series of videos dealing with how I ride Icelandic Horses. This is a work in progress and you can see it here

Oakfield Farm are now running clicker training courses. Details of what we are up to are on this link

The sales list is out of date and will be updated when I have horses for sale. There are a couple under training who will be for sale later this year,  All horses sold have a 4 week money back period for low risk horse buying .

My contact details are here.

We are active on Facebook as Oakfield Farm

On to the rest of the site, horribly out of date and will be worked on soon day job permitting.


STH76103_resize.JPG (124323 bytes)It was Jane's idea, a night time ride at Halloween










SANY0022.JPG (1528709 bytes)Winter Woollies 2009 People have fun being silly.







Show Results Archive  I have collated the results of as many shows as I can and put them all on an archive page. Updated April 2013


SANY0017.JPG (1483222 bytes)Mike Loades and a film crew visited us recently








DSCF3316.JPG (3195689 bytes)2008 Foal born 11th April 2008


Second batch of pictures




PICT0016.JPG (65402 bytes) Arrived at Oakfield 24th April 2007







DSCF0129.JPG (796952 bytes)Icelandics in the snow and the camera comes out!








DSCF0010.JPG (772955 bytes)More Snow Pictures







PICT0059.JPG (711352 bytes) Foal Pictures here  A little filly born early on the 16th March 2005.

Next batch here More pictures of her first day



DSCF0020.JPG (804783 bytes)2003 Events. We managed to get out and about a bit with the horses in 2003. Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to




wpe6D.jpg (30690 bytes)Foal growing up Sol's foal has become extremely fluffy for winter 2004/2005






Oakfield Icelandics A bit about our farm and horses.

2003  Foal For those who wanted to see her here is Sol's foal just after she  was born.

Keeping Icelandic horses

The Icelandic Grin Riding Icelandics often leads to large grins due to the fun people are having

The Oakfield Gang  A little bit about all the horses that live at Oakfield Farm 

Icelandics can be driven as well as ridden

Rides Out with the Oakfield Gang A little about some of the rides we do from Oakfield Farm

Some pictures of our young horses trying to eat Colin's Jeep!

Picture Gallery, Lots of pictures of Icelandic Horses

Viking Re-Enactment

Links to other sites