This is the class list for the 2018 shows which will be held at Oakfield farm in Verwood, Dorset

Tolt classes have changed, please read carefully

There is a new Novice Pace Class, the F3.

Class lists for the Shows

Class restrictions have been working well and this is much as before with some changes in Tolt classes These are my rules for the 2017 shows. These are Oakfield Farm shows to which all Icelandic Horse owners are invited and is not an IHSGB organised event. The Oakfield Farm third party insurance covers this event.

Novice class restrictions are as follows:-

Horses who have received average qualifier marks of 4.5 or over in any of the following FIPO gaits classes T1, T2, T3, T4, 4.1, 4.3, 5.1 or 6.0 in a beginners tölt or Group 4 gait with any rider within the last 3 years may not be entered in these novice classes under any circumstances other than where the rider is under age 18. This mark is the average mark in the qualifier section of the test (ie an individual gait can be marked higher and the finals marks can be higher).

Riders who have been: a) placed first in any class (on any horse), b) riders who have ridden in A finals for T1, T2, 4.1, or 5.1 and received marks over 5 in that final on any horse, may not compete in the novice classes. The exception to this is that winning a novice tölt class doesn't exclude you from competing in novice 4 gait and vice versa unless a qualifier mark of 6.0 or above was achieved  (2017 change)

Experienced riders who wish to give their young or inexperienced horses track experience in the novice classes may do this by riding them HC in these classes. They will receive their qualifier mark in the normal way but are not eligible to ride in the finals.

In addition to these rules for the novice classes the intermediate classes will be as previous years Oakfield shows.

The intermediate classes will be as follows

Intermediate Four Gait. The 4.3 used previously as an intermediate four gait class is a group version of the 4.1 and requires fast tölt (but with a 'tow' from other horses on the track to make it easier). We found that the novice class restrictions had moved some experienced riders on horses that did not yet have fast tölt into this class and they found it difficult. All the riders who had fast tölt had voluntarily moved up into the 4.1 open class.

In order to provide a 4 gait class for the riders who are not eligible for the novice classes but who do not have fast tölt we have removed the 4.3 and are using the existing group 4 gait qualifier with a separate final for experienced riders/intermediate horses. This will involve the same 4 gait qualifier as the novice riders have but two separate finals, one for novices and one for experienced riders. The riders will be required to identify which final they are allowed to try for and the starting lists will indicate this so that the starting and results lists for the combined qualifier will show which final each person is competing for. The limitation on entries in the intermediate 4 gait are that that horse and rider combination shall not have won a 4.1 class or this class more than twice

Beginners and Intermediate Tölt classes.  Again there are intermediate riders on horses who are not ready to show fast tölt. New rules in 2017. The Beginners Tolt will now be a T8, any speed tölt on both reins, the next class up will be a T7, this is the same as the old beginners tölt,  slow one rein and any speed on the other. Due to lack of support in the last show we are not running a T5 in addition to the T7


The FIPO class rules are as per the FIPO. Riders will be expected to familiarise themselves with the various rules relating to Tack and shoeing, if they are uncertain please ask a judge BEFORE you ride. If you want a FIPO it can be downloaded from the FEIF web site. The download link for the latest FEIF rules is here  We are allowing bitless bridles in all classes including the FIPO classes

The novice and intermediate classes have relaxed rules. Icelandic bits (or any curb bits including Pelhams with or without roundings) may NOT be used in novice or intermediate classes. Bitless bridles MAY be used in any classes including the FIPO open classes. Shoeing must be to FIPO for the open classes. For the novice and intermediate classes you may ride unshod or part shod if you wish but you are not allowed to take back shoes off specially for the .show (ie no nail holes visible). If in doubt ask before you ride


This makes the class list as follows:-


FIPO Tölt T1 - Riders compete individually, showing one round of working tölt, then change the rein and show one round of tölt with extension on the long sides, followed by one round of fast tölt. The 6 highest placed riders compete in the A final on Sunday. Open to all horse and rider combinations.

FIPO Tölt T2 - Riders compete singly in T2, showing any tempo tölt, followed by slow, calm tempo tölt. They then change rein, and show working to medium tölt with the reins in one hand, and no contact with the horse's mouth. The 6 highest placed riders compete in the A final on Sunday. Open to all horse and rider combinations. We are running  T2 riding individually only and not T4.

Group Tölt T7 (intermediate class) Riders compete together in groups of 2 or 3 on the track starting on the left rein, showing slow tölt. When the speaker tells them they then return to walk and change the rein and then show tölt at the speed best for the horse. The speaker will direct the riders, Horse and rider combinations that have won a T3, T2 or T1 class may not enter the Group Tölt T7.

Beginner's Tölt T8 - Riders compete together in groups of 2 or 3 on the track starting on the left rein, showing any speed  tölt. When the speaker tells them they then return to walk and change the rein and then any speed tölt on the other rein. The speaker will direct the riders, and the judges will look for good tölt aids from the rider, a good rhythm from the horse and the way in which the partnership are in harmony, not the highest action or greatest speed. The 6 highest placed riders compete in the A final on Sunday.

FIPO Four-Gait 4.1 - Riders compete individually, showing walk, trot, working tölt, canter, and extended tölt on the chosen rein in the order of their choice. The 6 highest placed riders compete in the A final on Sunday.

Group 4-gait - Three horse/rider combinations compete together on the track, showing walk, trot, tölt and canter, on the rein decided by the majority in each group. The speaker will tell the riders when to change gait etc. This qualifier is for both novices and intermediate horse/rider combinations and two separate finals will be held. On the entry form people must specify if they are entering as a novice or as an intermediate rider. The 6 highest placed riders in each category compete in separate finals on Sunday. The limitation on entries in the intermediate 4 gait are that that horse and rider combination shall not have won a 4.1 class.

New F3 five gait test. This is designed for novice horses or pace riders, and  the guidelines stress that it is all about the transitions and not the amount of pace shown. Test is as follows (the para numbers refer to the FIPO) The test is ridden groups of up to three riders on the oval track. The horses show the five
gaits as instructed by the speaker as described in S2.3.2. They ride on the rein as set in the
starting list.
1. slow to medium speed tölt
2. slow to medium speed trot
3. medium walk
4. slow to medium speed canter
5. pace.
Pace is shown twice on one long side. The riders choose the long side by majority vote. In
the event of a draw the speaker will decide. A combination needs to show one half of a long
side to get a mark.
The mark for pace is doubled and the total number of points is divided by 6.

FIPO Five-Gait 5.1 - Riders compete individually, showing half a round of walk and one round each of tölt, trot and canter, and two long sides of fast pace, in any order and on the rein of the rider's choice. The 6 highest placed riders compete in the A final on Sunday.

Tölt In Harmony - We will be having a "Tolt in Harmony" class in the arena. This will be a level 1 test only.  It will be run on a "turn up and go" basis with a class starting time announced in the program and riders going one after the other as soon as they are ready. The entry fee is Ł5.00 per combination, please pay the gate keeper cash as you arrive.  You will be able to watch the first few horses and decide if you want to have a go. We will stop when everyone who wants a go has been.  Fi will be Judging this class. Details of what you need to do for the level 1 test are in the Newsletter. If you want more information please contact Fi.

Day Time Fancy Dress Tölt. Riders will be expected to make a fool of themselves tölting round on the track dressed in silly clothes while the rest of us have a good laugh. This will take place around 7pm and consumption of large amounts of alcohol is recommended for the competitors to reduce inhibitions. It will be marked on both the quality and originality of the costumes as well as the tölt. The theme is "West End Musicals". The judges will take note of audience reactions when awarding places. There is no entry fee for this class. This will be around 7.30pm on the Saturday night.  I will only run this if at least 4 people want to do it.

Bitless Classes. We are not holding specific bitless classes this year but you are welcome to enter any classes (including FIPO) with bitless bridles.   You are welcome to use Parelli halters, Dr Cook cross over bitless bridles, English hackamores, Bosals, Sidepulls or any other type of bitless bridle other than the German Hackamore which has long, high leverage, shanks or other hackamores of that type. If in doubt please check with me before doing it (eg e-mail a photo). You can ride with your reins clipped to a standard head collar if you wish.  These bridles may be leather, rope, or synthetic webbing. Metal pieces may be included but not high leverage shanks.

PACE Classes

As we have not had time to put the topping on the pace track we will not have pace classes at this show.

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