Loki from Whitewell, Born 1999

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Loki, seen on the right here, was born in Ireland and was purchased at the same time as Flikka, Lysingur, and Glćsir. He is Flikka's son by Leikur frá Lćkjarbotnum who visited Ireland in 1998. Loki is entire at the moment and will be available at stud in 2003 if anyone is interested. His mother Flikka, has a superb character and is an excellent leisure horse with an easy comfortable tölt. Loki is 5 gaited and can be seen trotting, tölting, and pacing in the field.  Loki moves very nicely and his weakest point is his neck which is a little short and thick in comparison with the ideal horse. He is strongly build and should make an excellent riding horse when he is trained. He is living in the Boys field at Oakfield and is very easy to handle.


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Loki (right) and Erik (Left) and Guster in the background

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Loki with the evening sun on him


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Loki in pace

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Loki relaxing


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Breakfast in bed