Entry Form, Oakfield Icelandics Autumn Show 2017

9th and 10th September 2017

(Please make a separate entry for each horse (ie complete this form several times if you are entering several horses)

Horses MUST be 5 years or older to compete in Novice and Intermediate classes and 6 years and over for FIPO classes.

Horses may only be entered in 1 Gaits class and 1 Tölt class (apart from the Fancy Dress class and the Tolt in Harmony).

Submission of these entries confirms that I have 3rd party liability insurance for my horse and myself and that I will not hold the show organisers liable for any incident that may occur to myself or my horse.


To enter the show simply press the "add to cart" button for the class you are entering. This opens a separate Paypal tab in most browsers, just leave that tab open and go back to this tab to add more classes

The cart may open in a separate window, if this happens just close that window. If it opens in this tab you will need to press the BACK key to return to this form in order to add the next class.


You might be asked for your name and the horse name after you have completed the entries, It goes in the "information for merchant" space when you go to check out but Paypal seem to have broken that facility and it may not ask for it. Please email me the horse details and any special dietry requirements if it does not as for it. My email address is here Please make a separate entry for each horse.

FIPO T1 Tolt £13.00  

FIPO T2 Tölt £13.00    Starting Rein  
Intermediate Tölt  T7 £6.00  Starting Rein    


Beginners Tölt T8 £6.00  Starting Rein   


FIPO 5.1 £15.00

FIPO 4.1 £15.00

Intermediate 4 Gait £9.00  Starting Rein


Beginners 4 Gait £9.00 Starting Rein




Fancy Dress Tölt FREE, entries on the day, e-mail if you  want to do it. It will only be run if at least 4 other people join me on the track

We are running the Fancy Dress in daylight. The theme is "Cartoon characters or toys". If you have a music track that applies to your character let me have it a few days before the show and I will make a music compilation track for it.